How does commissioning me work?

Looking to get a custom artwork but are unsure about how it all works? Or are maybe just looking to get acquainted with my process? Then read right ahead, I hope to provide you with some quick insight that will hopefully make the process more approachable.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


To start the commission process, please contact me or use the contact form in the 'Contact' section of my website. 

I find it easiest to get us started swiftly when I'm provided the following: 

• Type of project: one time or recurring, single illustration or multiple illustrations
• Commission type: character art, illustration, animated illustration, concept art/visual development; portrait, waist up, full body + any style specifications
• Character(s) info: names, descriptions, visual references, their personality (brief), optional: their backstory (brief), what kind of scene/pose you would like to see
• What will you use the illustration(s) for? (just to determine if commercial use applies)
• Any specific dimensions/resolution that may apply. (particularly if intended for print)
• Any possible deadlines that may apply.

• Your Paypal e-mail address (for payment purposes - if different payment method is preferred, inquire and it will be discussed!)

Based on the given information, I will provide a price quote and let you know of my availability. Once we are both on the same page regarding all the details, I will ask you to read my Terms of Service, and/or if applicable, also provide a contract confirming our agreement as well as any potential licensing/copyright transfer. (If you are an AD or a company with a standardized contract, we can work with that too!)

At this point, I will also ask you for any remaining relevant information I need for invoicing, and invoice you for a 50% deposit to confirm your commission (this is something we arrange instantly regardless of the queue). I do most of my payments through Paypal (unless discussed otherwise). Please do keep in mind that there are transfer fees involved as well.  


After I've received the deposit, I will begin working on a sketch based on the information that you've provided. Once I have that ready, I will send it to you for to comment on. 

This is the best time to make changes and revisions (different hairstyle, minor outfit adjustments, changing the character's expression). Once we get into the painting

stage, it becomes harder to change things. Please also keep in mind that unless discussed otherwise, each painting comes with 3 free revisions, after which extra charges occur - use them wisely! 

Note: more complex illustrations will likely also get a thumbnail phase before the sketch. This is a pre-sketch that allows us to plan out the composition/lighting/colors.  If you have a preference for seeing more WIPs throughout the process, you can also request that in our correspondence. 


Screenshot_93 (1).png

When you are happy with the sketch, I will start the painting process. Once the painting is done or mostly done, I will send a small preview to you for one final inspection. If the painting is a more complex illustration, I am likely to send you an extra glimpse or two during this process.



Once you are happy with the final product, I will send the final 50% fee invoice your way. When that's paid, I will send you the full resolution of your painting for you to enjoy! 

Let me know if you would like to be named/tagged alongside the