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Thank you so much for your interest in my work! 

I'm honored you have considered me for your project! To start the commission process, send a question, or simply reach out to say hello, please contact me ryuutsu.art@gmail.com or use the contact form in the 'Contact' section of my website. 

You can also browse the various services I offer below, in case anything specific catches your attention. 

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What I offer

  • CalebMoore_Armond_small.jpg

    Character Art

    Character portraits and full bodies to simply showcase your characters (D&D, book characters etc.) or loved ones. Usually featuring a simple textured background.

  • ForestWarrior_final.jpg


    Bringing the scenes that you have in mind to life - be it book covers, promotional illustrations, or illustrations featuring your characters or loved ones.

  • Visual Development

    Character design, concept art & asset design for your video game, board games, animations & film, involving iterations and back and forth communication.

  • HalloweenAvatar_final_small.jpg

    Animated Illustration

    Bringing your illustration to life through the magic of After Effects. Bring your own, or have me paint one from scratch. (Click on image to see the animated version.)

  • RenaissanceWeb.jpg


    Another kind of project? Fear not - I'm very flexible! My skills span from animation and  storyboarding, to video editing and more, and I never shy away from a challenge!

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